quarta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2010

Outro João: o Águas. (John Waters) - Dramaturgia FINA:

Ida: Have you met any nice boys in the salon?
Gator: They’re all pretty nice.
Ida: I mean any nice queer boys— do you fool with any of them?
Gator: Aunt Ida, you know I dig women.
Ida: Oh, don’t tell me that...
Gator: Christ, let’s not go through this again...
Ida: All those beauticians, and you don’t have any boy dates?
Gator: I don’t want any boy dates!
Ida: Oh, honey, I’d be so happy if you turned nellie...
Gator: Ain’t no way; I’m straight. I like a lot of queers, but I don’t dig their equipment, you know? I like women!
Ida: But you could change! Queers are just better. I’d be so happy if you was a fag, and had a nice beautician boyfriend... I’d never have to worry.
Gator: There ain’t nothing to worry about.
Ida: I worry that you’ll work in an office! Have children! Celebrate wedding anniversaries! The world of heterosexual is a sick and boring life!

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